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  1. _MG_9510 1Handmade African Jewelry are on trend as they provide a welcomed alternative to the usual boho chic jewelry. because they cover a wide range of black or Africanculture they are very distinct types of jewelry. Southern Africa is well known for it use of very small but brightly colored beads in its jewelry. Whilest Eastern Africa jewlery is dominated by the use of horns, bones and plant husks. West African handmade jewelry on the other hand is an infusion of beads and fabric. 


    African Baby Clothes Latest Trends IMG_20210302_152718Kelis Africa has a wide variety of African Baby Clothes in our current collection.

    Our baby clothes have been crafted to provide comfort and be as practical as possible. We believe that growing children need to be unrestricted in their quest to explore the world around them.  With this in mind when choosing our fabrics we focus on soft materials, consequently most of our clothes are 100 percent cotton. We believe in producing sustainable fashion and this plays role in choosing the colours of our fabrics and the patterns or designs. Kente prints have become a firm favourite and a staple of all our collections. This is mainly because Kente prints have abstract patterns and colours which promote inclusivity.